UNICEF Connect

UNICEF Connect is a powerful communications platform for UNICEF to engage with their strongest supporters. This platform helps UNICEF and its Regional Offices around the world share unique and powerful stories promoting children’s rights and well-being.

UNICEF Connect main blog and two sub blogs: East asia pacific and Stories of Innovation screenshots.

Multi-language options enable UNICEF’s Regional Offices to choose their default, main language and set any number of additional languages for their blog and begin publishing stories immediately. Any language is supported including Right-to-Left configurations.

UNICEF Connect story pages screenshot: Arabic and Chinese language options

UNICEF East Asia Pacific homepage screenshot set in iPad

UNICEF Connect: Sories of innovation screenshot in mobile view set against a background of children running.

UNICEF Connect: two views set in mobile—a story on the main blog and a homepage of the East Asia Pacific regional office.


Before UNICEF Connect, individual Regional Offices created their own blogs and websites designed to engage their supporters. These individual sites led to brand dilution and inefficiency. They created technical roadblocks to sharing important stories.

With the new platform, stories can now be shared easily. Any UNICEF Connect blog can re-post a story published by headquarters or any Regional Office, amplifying advocacy for children and UNICEF’s thought leadership. Each Regional Office blog is on-brand and works across all devices, desktop and mobile. Centralized code management makes updates across the entire network simple, reducing maintenance costs.

Creating a new blog is simple and quick too. Regional offices can spin up their own blog within the network in minutes. They also save time and money by using the UNICEF Connect platform instead of creating and maintaining their own sites.

As adoption of the new platform increases across all Regional Offices, UNICEF Connect will become a powerful voice for children’s rights and well-being, spreading ideas about ways to improve their lives and the lives of their families.

UNICEF Connect: blogs.unicef.org
UNICEF East Asia and Pacific Regional Office: blogs.unicef.org/east-asia-pacific
Stories of Innovation: blogs.unicef.org/innovation

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