Give a little time, make a big difference!

The new Speed Volunteering App for Mayor of London now available for iOS and Android!

Team London makes it quick and easy for Londoners to give their time, find volunteer opportunities and do great things for their city. Whether it’s cleaning up the environment or volunteering at one of the capital’s great events, Team London mobilizes the community spirit and enthusiasm of Londoners to make a difference. To make it easier for Londoners to fit volunteering into their lives, Team London has partnered with us to launch London’s first Speed Volunteering App!

Team London iOS App: Home, Organisations and the Hours Tracking Screens

Team London for Android

Team London for Android - Welcome Screen

Mayor of London Boris Johnson uses the app to find a Speed Volunteering opportunity closest to him!

Mayor of London Boris Johnson uses the app to find a Speed Volunteering opportunity closest to him!

What’s Speed Volunteering?

Speed Volunteering roles make it easier for people to give a little bit of time while still making a positive impact. They all have the following characteristics:

  • take a couple of hours to complete (no more than six)
  • are intended to be ‘one-off’
  • are available at short-notice
  • have no significant barriers to volunteering

Infusing the interface with color and personality

One of our top priorities with this app was to make sure it didn’t appear generic or look like an app created by a faceless government entity. We used actual photography of London volunteers. We also decided to use the boldest colors available from London’s brand guidelines.

Team London iOS App: Volunteer opportunity and organisation detail screens

Speed volunteering challenges

Speed volunteering challenges encourage users to track their volunteer hours. We introduced five color levels (yellow, green, purple, red, and black) that mimic karate belt colors. When a user reaches a certain level, the color for their interface changes.

Team London iOS App: Challenges screens yellow and green

London is leading the way on service and volunteerism

On the eve of United Nations’ International Volunteer Day, London was recognized as the European Volunteering Capital for 2016 by the European Volunteer Centre. Team London’s strategy and hard work has been recognized as a model for other cities. We are pleased that this app is one part of a multi-faceted strategy to leverage volunteering and service to strengthen communities and make London a better place to live. We believe this app marks a promising new direction in the kind of apps city governments will be producing in the future, leveraging technology to better connect with their constituents and build better communities.

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