Give a little time, make a big difference!

The new Speed Volunteering App for Mayor of London now available for iOS and Android!

Team London makes it quick and easy for Londoners to give their time, find volunteer opportunities and do great things for their city. Whether it’s cleaning up the environment or volunteering at one of the capital’s great events, Team London mobilizes the community spirit and enthusiasm of Londoners to make a difference. To make it easier for Londoners to fit volunteering into their lives, Team London has partnered with us to launch London’s first Speed Volunteering App!

Team London iOS App: Home, Organisations and the Hours Tracking Screens

Team London for Android

Team London for Android - Welcome Screen

Mayor of London Boris Johnson uses the app to find a Speed Volunteering opportunity closest to him!

Mayor of London Boris Johnson uses the app to find a Speed Volunteering opportunity closest to him!

What’s Speed Volunteering?

Speed Volunteering roles make it easier for people to give a little bit of time while still making a positive impact. They all have the following characteristics:

  • take a couple of hours to complete (no more than six)
  • are intended to be ‘one-off’
  • are available at short-notice
  • have no significant barriers to volunteering

Infusing the interface with color and personality

One of our top priorities with this app was to make sure it didn’t appear generic or look like an app created by a faceless government entity. We used actual photography of London volunteers. We also decided to use the boldest colors available from London’s brand guidelines.

Team London iOS App: Volunteer opportunity and organisation detail screens

Speed volunteering challenges

Speed volunteering challenges encourage users to track their volunteer hours. We introduced five color levels (yellow, green, purple, red, and black) that mimic karate belt colors. When a user reaches a certain level, the color for their interface changes.

Team London iOS App: Challenges screens yellow and green

London is leading the way on service and volunteerism

On the eve of United Nations’ International Volunteer Day, London was recognized as the European Volunteering Capital for 2016 by the European Volunteer Centre. Team London’s strategy and hard work has been recognized as a model for other cities. We are pleased that this app is one part of a multi-faceted strategy to leverage volunteering and service to strengthen communities and make London a better place to live. We believe this app marks a promising new direction in the kind of apps city governments will be producing in the future, leveraging technology to better connect with their constituents and build better communities.

UNICEF Connect

UNICEF Connect is a powerful communications platform for UNICEF to engage with their strongest supporters. This platform helps UNICEF and its Regional Offices around the world share unique and powerful stories promoting children’s rights and well-being.

UNICEF Connect main blog and two sub blogs: East asia pacific and Stories of Innovation screenshots.

Multi-language options enable UNICEF’s Regional Offices to choose their default, main language and set any number of additional languages for their blog and begin publishing stories immediately. Any language is supported including Right-to-Left configurations.

UNICEF Connect story pages screenshot: Arabic and Chinese language options

UNICEF East Asia Pacific homepage screenshot set in iPad

UNICEF Connect: Sories of innovation screenshot in mobile view set against a background of children running.

UNICEF Connect: two views set in mobile—a story on the main blog and a homepage of the East Asia Pacific regional office.


Before UNICEF Connect, individual Regional Offices created their own blogs and websites designed to engage their supporters. These individual sites led to brand dilution and inefficiency. They created technical roadblocks to sharing important stories.

With the new platform, stories can now be shared easily. Any UNICEF Connect blog can re-post a story published by headquarters or any Regional Office, amplifying advocacy for children and UNICEF’s thought leadership. Each Regional Office blog is on-brand and works across all devices, desktop and mobile. Centralized code management makes updates across the entire network simple, reducing maintenance costs.

Creating a new blog is simple and quick too. Regional offices can spin up their own blog within the network in minutes. They also save time and money by using the UNICEF Connect platform instead of creating and maintaining their own sites.

As adoption of the new platform increases across all Regional Offices, UNICEF Connect will become a powerful voice for children’s rights and well-being, spreading ideas about ways to improve their lives and the lives of their families.

UNICEF Connect:
UNICEF East Asia and Pacific Regional Office:
Stories of Innovation:

We created NYC Build it Back, a story of collective resilience and individual strength

  • NYC Build it Back Collateral Materials
  • NYC Build it Back - Stronger & Safer Logos
  • NYC Build it Back Flyer
  • Mayor Bloomberg launches NYC Build it Back
  • NYC Build it Back Billboard in Coney Island: We can help you Build it back
  • NYC Build it Back Program Community Event
  • NYC Build it Back Poster
  • NYC Build it Back Website
  • NYC Build it Back Twitter page
  • NYC Build it Back Logo variations

About the project

After Hurricane Sandy wreaked havoc in 2012, New York City launched Build it Back. Conceived as a powerful, federally funded program to help homeowners rebuild, Build it Back needed to engage a sweeping audience, and enroll thousands to register for assistance.

What we did

We provided a suite of services. After strategizing the contours of the registration campaign, we spearheaded creative direction, brand design, naming, visual design, copywriting, video production, radio spots, interface design, print ads and a social media campaign. Working alongside the client, we:

  • Devised a framework and a communication strategy that simplified a complex program and presented it in a consumer friendly way.
  • Created and internally circulated an NYC Build it Back manifesto rooted in transparency, clarity, and a mission to help.
  • Captured an emerging narrative of collective resilience through multiple authentic, long-term homeowner stories.


By October 31, 2013, NYC Build it Back had reached 25,000 registered applicants, exceeding original expectations by at least 20%.